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How to Download Bikablo 2.0 PDF for Free

How to Download Bikablo 2.0 PDF for Free

Bikablo 2.0 is a book that offers insider tips for professional visualizations, a best-of chapter of the most popular figures, graphics and symbols along the complete poster layouts for the most diverse training and facilitation situations[^1^]. It is a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn how to create engaging and effective visual presentations.

Bikablo 2 0 Pdf Download


If you are looking for a way to download Bikablo 2.0 PDF for free, you might be disappointed to know that there is no official or legal way to do so. The book is protected by copyright and the authors deserve to be compensated for their work. However, there are some alternatives that you can try:

  • You can buy the book from the official website of Bikablo[^1^] or from other online retailers. The book costs â29.90 (plus shipping) and you will get access to the online collection of templates, videos and tips that accompany the book.

  • You can borrow the book from a library or a friend who owns it. This way, you can read the book without paying anything, but you will have to return it eventually.

  • You can preview some pages of the book on Scribd[^2^] or on Neuland[^3^]. This will give you an idea of what the book contains and whether it suits your needs.

As you can see, there is no easy or ethical way to download Bikablo 2.0 PDF for free. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of this book by purchasing it, borrowing it or previewing it online. Bikablo 2.0 is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their visual communication skills and create impactful presentations.

What is Bikablo 2.0?

Bikablo 2.0 is the second edition of the popular book Bikablo, which was first published in 2009. Bikablo is a German word that combines "bicycle" and "block", and it refers to the simple and systematic drawing technique that the authors developed and teach in their workshops. Bikablo 2.0 is an updated and expanded version of the original book, with more than 400 new images, tips and examples.

Bikablo 2.0 is divided into four main sections: Flipchart Tips, Developing Work Posters, Instructional Videos and Templates. The Flipchart Tips section provides 12 practical and easy-to-follow guidelines for creating attractive and structured posters, such as how to use fonts, colors and graphics. The Developing Work Posters section explains how to design and draw templates for various facilitation and group work situations, such as coaching, strategy and product development. The Instructional Videos section shows how to draw some of the templates, presentation posters and image worlds step by step. The Templates section contains 130 ready-to-use templates for different topics and formats, such as welcome posters, SWOT analysis, open space and future conference.

Why use Bikablo 2.0?

Bikablo 2.0 is a useful book for anyone who wants to enhance their visual communication skills and create more engaging and effective presentations. Visual communication is a powerful way to convey information, ideas and emotions in a clear and memorable way. It can help you to:

  • Capture the attention and interest of your audience

  • Simplify complex or abstract concepts

  • Organize and structure your content

  • Stimulate creativity and collaboration