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Boukalates Algeroises En Arabe Pdf Downloadgolkes !FULL!

Boukalates Algeroises en Arabe PDF Downloadgolkes: A Guide to Algerian Crochet Patterns

If you are looking for a unique and creative way to crochet, you might want to try boukalates algeroises en arabe, a traditional form of Algerian poetry that can also be used as a pattern for making beautiful and colorful items. Boukalates algeroises en arabe, also known as buqala, is a game that involves reciting or improvising short poems that are interpreted as omens. The game is usually played by women during the nights of Ramadan, using a clay jar filled with water and personal objects. The poems often deal with themes such as love, death, separation, or hidden desires.

boukalates algeroises en arabe pdf downloadgolkes

In this article, you will learn more about the history and meaning of boukalates algeroises en arabe, and how you can use them as inspiration for your crochet projects. You will also find a link to download a PDF file that contains some examples of boukalates algeroises en arabe and their translations, as well as some crochet patterns that you can follow or adapt to create your own designs.

What is Boukalates Algeroises en Arabe?

Boukalates algeroises en arabe is a term that refers to both a clay jar and a type of oral poetry that originated in Algeria. The word boukala comes from the Arabic word for jar, and the word algeroise means Algerian. The jar is used as a tool for divination and entertainment, while the poetry is used as a form of expression and communication.

The game of boukala is practiced by women, usually at night, and preferably on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The jar is first purified by burning incense or aromatic herbs inside it, then filled with water and covered with a scarf. Each participant places a personal object in the jar, such as a ring or a bracelet, and ties a knot in a piece of fabric while thinking of someone. The officiant, usually an elderly woman, recites or improvises a poem that starts with an invocation to God. A young girl then draws an object from the jar at random. The owner of the object has to find in the poem something that can enlighten her life, her love, her future, or her fate. The poem can be positive or negative, and is interpreted by the participants. The jar is also held in balance on the thumbs of the officiant, and if it tilts to the right, the interpretation is true; if it tilts to the left, it is false.

The poems of boukala are short and simple, usually consisting of four lines with rhyme and rhythm. They often use metaphors, symbols, and allusions to convey messages that are not always explicit. They reflect the feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams of the women who recite them or listen to them. They also reveal aspects of the Algerian culture, history, and society.

How to Use Boukalates Algeroises en Arabe as Crochet Patterns?

Boukalates algeroises en arabe can be used as a source of inspiration for crochet patterns in several ways. You can either use the words or the images of the poems to create motifs, shapes, colors, or textures that reflect their meaning. You can also use the structure or the rhythm of the poems to create patterns that follow their syllables or rhymes.

For example,

Il est venu à moi avec sa main verte

Et m'a offert cent perles.

Les temps mauvais se sont saisis de lui,

Il m'a trahie en me laissant stérile.

This poem means:

He came to me with his green hand

And offered me a hundred pearls.

Bad times took hold of him,

He betrayed me by leaving me barren.